Compliance savvy Payments & Card specialist

Requirements on compliance from various stakeholders are becoming an increasingly large part of working with Payments & Cards. The requirements come e.g. from Visa/MasterCard, the Payment Security Standards (PCI DSS and PCI PIN) focusing on protecting cardholder data and pin blocks. Another stakeholder is SWIFT on cross-boarder payments, where SWIFT is a global provider, E-Nettet etc.

Your job will be to make sure SDC is compliant at any time and keep SDC’s teams updated and ready for assessment/audits from external auditors. Further, you will lead these assessment/audits from start to the end.

It will be an advantage if you have thorough knowledge of the card payment area and if you have good technical skills, so you are able to understand the internal network at SDC on a broader perspective.

You will be part of a small team, referring directly to the Department Manager for Payments and Cards and you will be a strong part of getting the compliance area on the agenda within our agile teams.

Great Place to Work

Our work environment is characterized by openness, commitment, delegated responsibility, and team work as well as excellent professional and personal development opportunities.

You get flexible working conditions, pension scheme and health & dental insurance. You also get a 6th holiday week, 5 extra days off, increased holiday compensation, etc.

Close collaboration with Product Owner, to ensure delivery of “your” compliance tasks.

  • You have good communications skills and feel comfortable working with SDC’s external partners as well as internally handling deliveries from other departments.
  • You are comfortable representing SDC in fora at Nets, Bokis and at other partners and suppliers.
  • You have an ability to explain something complicated in simple terms and you are happy to undertake an ongoing dialog with the agile and non-agile delivery teams on how the change should be implemented.
  • You are structured, proactive and holds on to a task, and you thrive by getting things completed, but can also be comfortable in a situation where a waiver is necessary (and you are of course happy to help in these situations).
  • You are happy to read through bulletins from e.g. Visa, Mastercard and Nets and draw out anything that is relevant for our area, as well as “bring home” relevant tasks from fora you attend.
  • You can see the commercial opportunities in a mandated change.
  • You are happy to spend time on different projects, where your skills are needed and help them answer questions and be a larger or smaller part of different projects.

Application and contact information

Should you wish to know more about the position or SDC, you are welcome to contact Department Manager Susan Kaae on mobile (+45) 4261 6440 or

About SDC

It all started back in 1963, when a series of small savings banks went hand in hand with a dream of economies of scale and electronic bookkeeping. That dream still drives us. Today, we are 100+ both small and large banks from all over the Nordic region, who are part of the community, because shared solutions make us stronger.

We are over 700 colleagues in Ballerup and Warsaw, who work together every day to deliver a good banking experience to the users of 100+ Scandinavian banks. Many of our solutions are developed jointly for all customers - some for a small group. Common to them is that we want to maximize the customers’ benefit from the solutions and minimize the risk of not meeting the customers' needs.

The future demands more of SDC. The banks are working to adapt to the needs of the market, at the same time they are being met with increasing demands for regulation and efficiency. SDC works hard to be at the forefront of the customers’ needs and continue to be the preferred provider of solutions to Scandinavian banks.




Ansøgningsfrist: 12. december 2021