The very best app for Forbrugsforeningen

The very best app for Forbrugsforeningen

Today, the smartphone is an important point of contact between a business and its customers. This makes an updated and functional app absolutely essential for the ability of the company to retain its customers.

Forbrugsforeningen had already for some years had a mobile app showing stores that offered a bonus and how much money the user had spent in the different stores. However, it had become slightly outdated and was lacking many of the features that especially young consumers expect to find. 

As a result, Forbrugsforeningen contacted SDC to get a proposal for a new mobile app that was to serve as the link between Forbrugsforeningen's more than 4,000 member stores and its 210,000 card holders.

To get a picture of the needs and expectations of the users, SDC held a number of workshops in cooperation with some of the members of Forbrugsforeningen.

As a result of these workshops, the new app was developed.

The new app consists of an open part that everyone – also non-members of Forbrugsforeningen – can use as well as a closed part that only members can use.

In the open part, it is possible to see the more than 4,000 member stores. The app uses a geodata system allowing the user to see how far away the nearest store is and to get a map showing the exact location of the store.

In the closed part that requires a logon, the user can see his or her account details. The account details are updated in real time, meaning that the most recent purchases will appear on the account before the customer has left the store.

Forbrugsforeningen is a Danish loyalty club and purchasing association that accepts members of Danish trade unions such as Finansforbundet, DJØF and HK. With a Forbrugsforeningen membership card, members can get a bonus when they shop in stores which have joined the scheme. At the end of 2016, more than 4,000 stored had joined the scheme. The bonus rate is typically from 5% to 10% but may in some cases be even higher.

The best app for Forbrugsforeningen