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For banks in present-day Denmark, IT security is a central and forever hot topic. Not only do they have to appear as a reliable business partner for the customers, they also have to comply with requirements and regulations from the supervisory authorities.

Carsten Rohde, CIO of Sparekassen Kronjylland:

-      It is important that all of our 700 employees are able to act soundly and responsibly in their day-to-day work with the customers.

Our employees work in 51 different branches, and after numerous new appointments and a number of mergers with other banks, the group of employees consists of many different cultures – thus making it important to ensure that everyone has been given the same knowledge and that everyone has agreed on how to act responsibly seen from a security perspective.

In cooperation with e.g. Sparekassen Kronjylland, SDC developed an eLearning programme that taught IT security to bank employees.

The IT security programme consists of instructions, eLearning, video and a final quiz. The topics taught are responsible behaviour with e.g. NemID, email, social media, codes, downloads, public spaces and confidential data.

The programme is part of SDC's learning portal, SDC Academy, where the employees in SDC's banks can learn about the use of SDC's systems. The employees can take the lessons whenever it fits into their work schedule, and it is possible for management to follow up whether all employees in the relevant groups have completed the programme.