Flexibility and community

Flexibility and community



Your bank is yours – and no one else’s. And we are certainly not going to tell you how to run it. However, we do offer the most future-proof, flexible IT platform in the Nordic region.


As a partner of SDC, you do not need to choose between stability and development. Nor must you choose between standard operations and flexibility. You determine the design of your version of our platform. You decide how you will present functions and data in your version of the system. It is also easy to supplement our platform with your own or third party solutions. This way, you avoid all the nonsense.  


It sounds almost too good to be true. But it is true! Our standard system gives you the best foundation for becoming the bank you want to be. We are confident in saying that with our platform, you are equipped to create the best banking experience in the Nordic region – and perhaps in the world. We call it ‘a standard that permits individuality’.   




Imagine that your bank could be as strong as the biggest bank, and as unique as the smallest. That you could prioritize innovation, and let others do the work. You can be assured of providing a positive banking experience today, with the most future-proof IT system in the Nordic region.


With SDC as your partner you can do all this. We give you access to a comprehensive system portfolio that will make you stronger – by the minute. Why pay more and still shoulder the burden, when both legal requirements and the business need for a strong IT platform are to a great extent the same for banks across the Nordic countries?     


We offer you a community of 120 Nordic banks, so that you can free up resources to apply themselves to their area of expertise, building the bank you dream of, easily, securely and inexpensively.   
Flexibility and community at SDC