All self-service systems runs on a 24/7 basis

With JN Data as sub-supplier SDC handles system operation and data processing for the SDC financial institutions and their self-service customers. The operations are performed over a wide range of platforms, from mainframes to consolidated server solutions.

High level of accessibility
SDC runs front office systems for the financial institutions, and of course, all self-service systems are on a 24/7 basis.

High level of stability
The systems must be open and accessible when the users need them. We aim to have an opening time of at least 99.7% - 99.9%, measured as a monthly average, for all online systems.

High reliability of supply
The SDC financial institutions conduct their operations simultaneously at several physical locations. In the event of a breakdown at one location, the operation could continue from one of the other locations.

Short response time
SDC constantly monitors and measures response times as they are experienced by end users and both systems and operating equipment are regularly fine-tuned in order to ensure short reaction times and smooth running of the system. In sales transactions response times are less than one second.

Low costs
SDC enables its member financial institutions to make use of the financial advantages associated with large scale operations. This can be done because of the high volume of transactions generated when the financial institutions work together, producing very attractive large customer prices.

Flexible capacity
SDC regularly monitors and extrapolates user behavior patterns and adjusts the operational capacity accordingly. This helps to ensure that there is always sufficient operational capacity for the current requirements and that the capacity, and hence the operating costs can be reduced during the quieter periods.

Operations at SDC