Good advice does not need to be expensive and IT systems do not need to be onerous. Who wants to be bothered about IT when the only thing that concerns customers is their current and future finances?


Forget your worries and step aboard the SDC Advisor – the Nordic region’s unique 360° ‘drag and drop’ advisor universe. The only effort involved is a few clicks of the mouse – and the adviser has a complete overview of the customer’s finances, future goals and dreams.  


We cannot promise that you will be master of the universe, but we can promise your advisers the space in which to create the world’s best banking experience and the time to do what they are best at - advising your customers.


The SDC Advisor gives your bank:

  • a 360° ’drag and drop’ advisor universe

  • easy data capture relating to finances, tax, pensions and assets

  • a unique instrument for dialogue

  • a primary tool for quick replication of customer scenarios and credit screening  

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