Customer using SDC mobilebank


The strength of belonging to a large community resides in the benefits for the individual. Each of our 120 customers is unique, but all of them are subject to the same reporting requirements, month after month. To this end, SDS's platform allows you to be individual, whilst subscribing to a standard.


There is only one thing that is a match for the tsunami of new statutory requirements and increased regulations affecting all savings and commercial banks: SDC's accounting reports. Yes, reporting is complex. Yes, it involves extra work. But it also yields a vast amount of knowledge, which you can use to develop and differentiate your bank from other banks.


We ensure that your bank has all the data it needs. We ensure that you comply with COREP and FINREP. We are proud of this service, which we call ‘compliant and convenient’.


SDC Accounting, Reporting and Data Warehousing gives your bank:

  • Data for internal and external reporting

  • Data for annual accounting reports

  • Data and reports that are compliant with COREP and FINREP requirements

  • Data and analysis tools that you can deploy for marketing and new product development purposes