Man walking with his phone


Once upon a time, there once was a small country whose inhabitants were crazy about the Internet. They were so crazy, that they went shopping, met their future partners and did their banking online.


Are you too looking for a modern banking adventure? You can take the first steps here.


As a partner of SDC, you do not need to choose between functionality and user-friendliness. We ask your customers to tell us what their best banking experience might be; and from their responses, we develop an Internet bank so that you end up with happy customers, whether their preferred device is a computer, tablet or mobile phone. But we do not stop there.


You are just as unique as each of your customers and for that reason we will of course adapt your Internet banking system to your brand and your needs. You do not need to worry about the platform. All our self-service solutions have the same back end, which makes them easy, quick and economic to maintain and develop. So it is simply a matter of sitting back and enjoying the adventure.


SDC eBanking gives your bank:

  • an internet banking facility for computer and mobile device

  • a mobile bank to meet customers’ needs and expectations, whether they use Android or iPhone

  • a stable, intuitive and future-proof platform that is easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain

  • a front end that matches user platforms and devices

  • unique services and solutions for individuals, groups and customers

Hop on the mobile adventure