Three more banks on SDC's systems

On Monday, 21 December, Oikos Andelskasse, Stadil Sparekasse and J.A.K Andelskasse Øster Vrå entered into an agreement with SDC on SDC being their future IT partner.

The three banks converted to SDC's systems in November 2016 and do now have access to SDC's solutions.

Stadil Sparekasse is located in West Jylland and have customers of all ages and occupation. Stadil Sparekasse is a local bank with more than 145 years of experience with loan that benefits the whole district.

Andelskassen Oikos Århus is placed in both Copenhagen and Aarhus. It is a cooperative and ethical bank that lends Money to the world's poor through microcredits. Andelskassen Oikos Århus is Works by the business concept social business.

J.A.K. Andelskasse Østervrå is located in the North Jutland. The bank is based on J.A.K.'s ideals and thoughts.  J.A.K. Andelskasse Østervrå is a modern cooperative bank that offers payment Cards and online banking. The bank is an indpendent institution and has no shareholders or other vested interests that must be earned money.