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As the first, SDC's Norwegian banks have chosen to use our new common Nordic infrastructure for Fitbit Pay and soon Garmin Pay.

SDC's future-proof, common Nordic standard infrastructure has enabled the Eika banks to offer their customers payments with Fitbit Pay - a payment solution built into a smartwatch.

The payment is made by the watch being held up against the store's payment terminal and within a few seconds the payment is completed - no card and no codes. Since Fitbit - as the name suggests - is a fitness watch, you can then see what your pulse was when you completed the transaction.

SDC is also ready with the payment infrastructure for Garmin Pay.

The solution is developed with an open standardized token-based infrastructure, which means that a unique digital card number, a token, is created for each device and linked to the device ID. This gives the payment solution a great deal of security.

Fitbit Pay and Eika