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New bank chooses SDC

During 2017 a new bank will open in Norway – Næringsbanken – and they have chosen SDC as IT supplier. The bank focuses on small and medium enterprises (including the agricultural market) and attaches great importance to follow up and being present for their clients.

The team behind Næringsbanken has since the summer 2016 worked with their concept and with establishing this new commercial bank in Norway (in Hedmark and Oppland). Ly Invest AS (join-stock company), which is owned by Ly Insurance AS, is the project company that will establish Næringsbanken. An application for a license has been prepared and sent to The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, and the company will change name to Næringsbanken as soon as the permit is issued. Both logo and the company’s profile are ready and the entrepreneurs from Ly Insurance AS, Jan Tore Meren, Vegard Sæten and Øystein Snuggerud are impatient and eager to get started.

Why SDC?
- We chose SDC, among others, because they have many customers that are local banks, and we believe that we will become a player in line with the other local SDC-banks. We also considered other IT vendors, but if we chose another supplier than SDC, it would require more development from us. At SDC they take care of the development, says the banks CEO, Øystein Snuggerud.

- We are convinced that choosing SDC as an IT partner is a safe choice. IT should not be a challenge – SDC has a good history and delivers operational quality and reliability. We believe that SDC is a player who will be an important partner also in the future. Being able to share the costs with several others is of course something that has been weighed heavily, and has contributed to the decision we made, and finally chose SDC, says the Bank Chief, Vegard Sæten.

A “full service” bank with a focus at the commercial- and agricultural market
Næringsbanken is targeting the same customer segment as Ly Insurance, and it will be natural with collaboration between the two companies that their customers will benefit from. Ly Insurance has since the establishment in 2013 had a very good growth and has an annual insurance portfolio of approximately 165 million by the end of 2016. Ly Insurance has more than 30 employees in five offices in Norway and a head office in Moelv. The bank will be established as a “full service” bank and will be a total provider of banking and financial services to the business market.


From left: Øystein Snuggerud (CEO, Næringsbanken), Peter Vilson (Presales Manager, SDC), Jan Tore Meren (Chairman, Næringsbanken) and Rune Skånøy (KAM Norway, SDC)

The new Norwegian bank chooses SDC