SDC collects reporting in enterprise data warehouse


... "... the banks want to know and understand their customers. It requires gathering lots of data to know the customers at a time when fewer and fewer customers enter the physical branches. It is one of the most essential reasons for having an Enterprise Data Warehouse. The EDW provides a good basis for serviceing and knowing customers as well as ensuring that additional data analysis can be delivered using new technologies, "explains Jesper Scharff, CEO of SDC, in article in PwC's magazine, FS Perspectives.
... "We need to be sharp on what's going on in the future, and the most important thing is to have a proper data base that we can deliver. For example, we have been able to make a report in a week in connection with the new NEP requirements. You can only do that if data is right from the start. Data collection and data processing must be automated. There must be short 'time-to-market' in order to comply with the regulation, and with a well-structured EDW. This has been the goal from the start, "says Lars Rasmussen, Area Director for BI & Decision Support and Digital Channels.

In relation to the transition from the old data warehouse to EDW, SDC has had several initiatives launched, and  theplans have been revised along the way.

Read the full article by PwC and what SDC has learned from this process and good advices on the way to others who face the same operation.(in Danish)