Ekobanken chooses SDC as IT-partner

Customers of the Swedish Ekobanken can look forward to entirely new digital products within internet and mobile banking as the bank has selected SDC as their future partner on the IT area. 
Swedish Ekobanken has just signed a contract to move to SDC during 2016. The cooperation with SDC will give the bank even better opportunities to support the local and social economy. For SDC, this means an expansion of SDC's position on the Swedish market. 

"For a long time the social and local economy in Sweden has needed its own bank which understands their requirements and a bank that is prepared to solve their financing needs. New payment solutions from Ekobanken will be a big step in the right direction. This will make it possible for even more people to use Ekobanken," says Ekobanken's Chairman of the Board, Ulla Herlitz. 

Ekobanken has 5,000 customers and currently runs its own banking system supplemented with payment solutions from Nordea. The switch to SDC's Nordic joint systems will give the bank new customer-oriented products and new opportunities within the digital infrastructure. 

"First and foremost, the future cooperation with others about IT development will secure the bank's future. Not only does this give us the opportunity to meet the ever increasing regulatory requirements, but it also increases our possibilities to develop new products and services that support our customers' focus on social responsibility. Moreover, SDC's systems provide practical and financial advantages in the form of greater efficiency in the daily work," explains the bank's managing director, Annika Laurén. 

"We are looking forward to the cooperation with Ekobanken. We already have good cooperation with the bank's Norwegian counterpart, Cultura Sparebank", says CEO of SDC, Jesper Scharff, and he continues: "We have many Nordic projects and product launches in the pipeline. I look forward to Ekobanken and their customers also benefiting from these. 

Ekobanken is planned to be converted to SDC in the course of May to September 2016. 
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