A community of individuals


A good banking experience is not about technology. It is about presence, and relevant personal advice. And that is exactly why, the community for a Nordic IT platform is cultivated with great dedication from our customers – because then they can spend their time and energy on what creates real value for their customers: The good banking experience.

We were founded when several small financial institutions went together with a dream of economies of scale and digital accounting. The dream is still what drives us today. Today, we are more than 100, both small and large financial institutions from all over the Nordic region, that cultivates the individual community. Because it makes us stronger – each and everyone.

With SDC as a partner you get a strong, effective banking IT-platform and the freedom to create exactly the financial institution you dream of.

There is a place for everyone with us: From the small local financial institutions, to the large Nordic financial institutions. With our platform you’ll be strong as the biggest, and flexible as the smallest – and therefore the good banking