Investments: A big part of the customer's overall banking experience

Investments are a significant part of many customers' overall banking experience. It should be easy and intuitive—and ideally managed 24/7 on mobile. 

With SDC's investment platform, banks can precisely offer this to their customers. Either through a state-of-the-art white-label solution or via a simpler investment platform that appeals to most customer types. The solutions are available both as App and Web.

Investment advice is an integral part of SDC's 360-degree advisory platform, which helps the bank's advisors create upselling and cross-selling opportunities. 


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With SDC's mobile bank and online bank, customers can pay easily - anywhere and anytime.

Christian Leth Svendsen

If you want to hear more about Investments, you are welcome to contact our Client Director, Christian Leth Svendsen.