Risk Management

The best banking experience

Among other things, risk management is about reducing the effects of fluctuations in currency exchange rates and interest rates. It is about maintaining an overview and ensuring control in an uncertain world.

At SDC, we help banks achieve these goals, allowing them to focus on providing the best possible banking experience for their customers.

We offer credit risk, market risk, and liquidity risk assessments, as well as advanced risk allocation models, providing key figures for each. Risk management encompasses a wide range of areas, including intra-day valuation, market risk consolidation, daily reporting on instruction limits, and capital loads and returns.

SDC uses Opics as its capital markets, treasury, and intra-day risk system.

Opics - SDC's capital markets platform

  • System support for the consolidation of market risk for bonds, shares, FX, and interest rates.
  • Statement of instruction limits in relation to the management executive order.
  • Valuations and other key figures.
  • Statement and management of counterparty risks, derivative risks, issuer risks and settlement risks.
  • Reporting of daily capital load for market risk pursuant to applicable capital rules (specific risk, interest risk, share risk, currency risk (currency indicator 1), credit spread risk)
  • Yield reporting

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