Customer support

First class help

With SDC's customer support, both financial institutions and end users can get help with any technical queries or assistance for SDC's systems.

To this end, we offer a flexible model where we either take care of the entire hotline contact with the online banking customers or are brought on as a supplement to the bank's own customer support.

As a customer of SDC, you therefore have the opportunity to choose exactly the level of support you need.

Our many strenghts

Solutions for the future

We develop an open, integration-ready platform where our customers can easily and cost-effectively build solutions on top of the core bank.

A great Nordic community

At SDC, you are part of a community with banks throughout the Nordics, which provides resources and freedom to create the best bank of your dreams. 

Competent employees

Our colleagues at SDC collaborate to develop efficient, user-friendly and open systems, thus ensuring a great banking experience.