The culture of SDC Poland

The work culture at SDC is a natural extension of our values.

Flexibility: we understand that there are many factors in the lives of our colleagues that influence their day. That is why we always strive to accommodate their needs, for example, by introducing time off to take care of their close ones.

Hybrid: at SDC we believe that our best work comes from the moments we work together, while at the same time we understand the need to work independently from time to time. That is why we have combined the best of two worlds: all our consultants are given the choice to work in a hybrid model.

Work-life balance: we are confident that true work-life balance consists of three things – work time, family time and the “me time”, when we enjoy our personal passions. At SDC, we do our best to support our employees in creating a healthy balance between these three areas.

Diversity: at SDC, we are all equal. We are all entitled to having different viewpoints, but mutual respect is the common denominator for all our colleagues. SDC is committed to building a workplace, where everyone feels welcome and included.

we take the time to celebrate important moments and occasions together as a way to nurture our relationships through social, meaningful interactions. Just a few examples:

  • Spring and summer parties for the whole company that are a great opportunity to enjoy a nice evening out and meet colleagues from all across company.

Courses and webinars:
All employees areoffered the opportunityto participate incourses and webinars. 

  • Danish and English language coursesat our office in Warsaw. This benefits both our ability to communicate more accurately and creates relationships among colleagues across their field of expertise
  • Webinars on different topics; from personal finance to studying in Denmark

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