A Nordic solution

SDC is the only provider on the Nordic market to offer a platform that supports security and compliance requirements across the banking sector in the Nordics. 

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A great banking experience

When we at SDC talk about the great banking experience, it means that advisers and other employees at the SDC banks experience efficient and user-friendly systems, but also that we have a responsibility to ensure that our many end-users – across the entire Nordic region – have an easy and hassle-free experience with their bank.

Our mission


A Nordic community

We were founded when a number of small savings banks came together with a dream of economies of scale and digital bookkeeping. And that dream still drives us.

Today, we are a collection of small and medium sized financial institutions from all across the Nordics, which cultivate individual community.

Because it makes us stronger.

Our customers


Effective banking

At SDC, our focus is on servicing our customers and ensuring optimal operation of the individual bank.

Banking Services helps to support this and makes a targeted contribution to ensuring that our customers get maximum value from our IT solutions.

Banking Services