The mobile banking customers are frequent visitors; they check balances and execute transfers at a rate that online banking customers can barely manage. Although there are three times as many online banking customers as mobile banking customers, the number of mobile banking transactions exceeds those performed online.

Middelfart Sparekasse has Denmark’s happiest customers. For three years on the run, Middelfart Sparekasse has been recognised as the bank that Danes are most satisfied with. Of course the savings bank is keen to retain this title. But how does a savings bank preserve and develop the customer relation at a time when new smart payment solutions are forever appearing, and when customers can carry out more and more transactions themselves?

Head of IT, Kim Bjørn Kristensen: "For Middelfart Sparekasse, personal contact with customers is important. Whilst customers like their adviser, they are also happy with the bank as a whole and our digital solutions. Over half of our customers visit their branch only once, or less than once a year. So when they do come in, we want it to be a good experience.”

Although contact between the customer and adviser is typically established in personal meetings, the relation can be maintained and developed very well through electronic communication.

Kristian Gren, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Middelfart Sparekasse: “We are in no doubt that digital solutions play an important role in relation to customer satisfaction. We have an objective for our strategy that at least 90 percent of our customers should be ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with our digital solutions".

SDC provides the customer and the employee with a series of tools that facilitate ongoing communication, even if the customer rarely visits the bank.

‘Write to us’ is a function in the online and mobile banking service that provides a secure channel for communication between the adviser and the customer. All e-mails are stored in the adviser’s folder in the employee portal and background information on the customer is always readily accessible. The adviser can at any time pick up the conversation where it left off.

‘Net meetings’ allows advisers and customers to convene electronically at a time that suits the customer. Besides talking, they can see each other and exchange images and documents. These are some of the features that enable better advisory services and better agreements, strengthening the relation between customer and adviser.

The personal relation is an important precondition for customer loyalty. Another important precondition is that the bank’s services – mobile, online, advisory, etc. live up to customers’ expectations. With SDC behind them, the bank is sure of a system that fulfils their customers’ needs for financial services.