SDC enters into cooperation with ten Norwegian local banks

SDC has entered into an agreement with ten cooperating Norwegian local banks in the association "Lokalbank". The agreement implies that the ten local banks will continue having SDC as a supplier of banking systems for core banking systems. The ten banks have been affiliated with SDC since 2005 via the Norwegian Eika Alliansen, but now choose to enter into an agreement directly with SDC. At the same time, the banks join SDC as shareholders and co-owners.
Bjørn Asle Hynne, Chairman of the Board of Lokalbank: “Over the years, we have had a good collaboration with SDC, which we want to continue. SDC offers competitive prices and solutions that form a strong foundation for our business. With the agreement, we will have the opportunity to focus on our business development together with other Nordic banks and SDC, where we as banks are both owners and users.

Jesper Scharff, CEO, SDC: “We are very pleased with the agreement with the Lokalbank group. Norway is an important market for SDC, and we see the continued cooperation as a confirmation of the economies of scale that lie in cross-Nordic IT development. ”
The ten local banks are:

Aasen Sparebank
Askim & Spydeberg Sparebank
Drangedal Sparebank
Nidaros Sparebank
Selbu Sparebank
Sparebank 68 Grader Nord
Sparebanken Din
Stadsbygd Sparebank
Tolga-Os Sparebank
Ørland Sparebank 
Aasen Sparebank