Good IT solutions are a focus area at Lokalbank

In an article in Norwegian Finanswatch, Lokalbank Alliansen talks about the strengths they experience in the collaboration with SDC. 

A modern and competitive IT platform and the ability to integrate third-party solutions. These are some of the strengths that the Norwegian banks behind Lokalbank Alliansen highlight as very special advantages of the collaboration with SDC. 

Bent R. Eidem, CEO of Lokalbank Alliansen: 

«The platform we are part of is based on development and knowledge that SDC has delivered to the Norwegian market for 20 years. They have built good solutions that we find competitive." 

«It requires that we keep up and that we have good suppliers who provide good solutions with competitive conditions. We have so far experienced that SDC understands and strives to deliver this, either alone or together with good third-party suppliers.» 

See the full article from Finanswatch Norge here. Subscription required.