Bem-vindo, Lisboa!

Or, as we say in these latitudes: Welcome, Lisbon!

On Monday 15 May, we officially welcomed the first colleagues to our newly opened office in Lisbon.

As stated in SDC's Annual Report 2022, we have maintained our focus on nearshoring in 2022 and expanded it by increasing the number of both BtB consultants and the number of permanent employees at our Polish office in Warsaw. In 2022, we saw that the general demand for skilled IT people in Poland increased significantly during the year.

Especially after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, where a number of companies were forced to move their IT nearshore activities from Ukraine to neighboring countries, the demand for skilled IT people has increased. Therefore, in the second half of 2022, we decided to establish a new nearshore location in Lisbon, Portugal to ensure continued access to skilled IT competences at reasonable prices.

And now the opening of the Portuguese office – and another member of the SDC organisation – is a reality.

Nearshore agenda as part of SDC's cost focus

The constantly increasing regulatory requirements as well as the ongoing level change in terms of SDC's platforms require that we constantly focus on optimizing our business and adjusting costs in all areas – including constantly driving a nearshore agenda.

Henrik Buchholt Bach, CFO of SDC, explains:

"The expansion of our nearshore setup with the Portuguese office is a big and exciting step for SDC, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our new Portuguese colleagues. Many factors have been taken into consideration when choosing Portugal as a new location. But to sum up, we chose Portugal because of the supply of qualified IT candidates, which we expect will help us meet the challenges we experience in relation to hiring the necessary number of resources in Denmark and Poland. In addition, Portugal has a good educational system, a stable infrastructure, linguistic and cultural compatibility with the rest of the organisation and, not least, the desired approach to IT and data security.

Recruitment of new skilled colleagues has started. We are onboarding the first five colleagues mid-May and expect around 25 colleagues by the end of the year."

The office will be an integrated part of the SDC organisation with a local Manager to handle the daily operations.