SDC's office in Bergen has opened

In 2023, the opening of SDC's first office in Norway was announced. And on April 1 2024, after a thorough renovation, the office was ready for occupancy. The office is centrally located in Bergen – the big city on the west coast of Norway, where several of SDC's partners are based – which makes it a relevant foundation for our relations within the Norwegian market. 

There is room for a total of eight people in the office, and for a start, Kristian Pettersson, Customer Relations Manager, and Bente Tvedt, Sales Specialist, will be working from the office on daily basis. From here, together with the rest of the organization, including several Norwegian colleagues at the office in Ballerup, they will continue to strengthen our position in Norway.

The press came by 
The Norwegian online media stopped by the office on one of the very first opening days. This article describes the opening and what it means for our position in the Norwegian market: 

"Working remote is a normal part of working life, but without having a common office space, it becomes difficult to build the same sense of community that we can build when we have an office where we can work together". 
Stig Valderhaug, Area Director for Sales, Customer Engagement & Shared Services 

"When I talk to Norwegian banks, they are very positive that there are several Norwegians working at SDC and, not least, that we have established an office in Norway. It shows them that we are focusing."
Kristian Pettersson, Customer Relations Manager

Even closer to current and potential customers and partners
SDC is already established in Norway with significant Norwegian customers, systems and solutions integrated towards Norwegian financial infrastructure, banking sector and relevant third parties.  With the new office, we are focusing to an even higher degree on the Norwegian national needs. The office will have a customer-oriented focus with strong expertise in the Norwegian financial IT sector as well as close contact to relevant partners such as Vipps MobilePay, BITS, the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority, BankID and others.
Bankshift_SDC is opening office in Norway, Bergen

Client Director Bente Tvedt (from left), Area Director for Sales, Customer Engagement & Shared Services Stig Valderhaug, and Customer Relationship Manager Kristian Pettersson (Foto: Bankshift).