SDC's Strategy 2025 approved

On 1 September 2023, Torben Finnemann took over as the new CEO at SDC. Together with the rest of the management, one of the most important tasks of the autumn was the preparation of the organization's new strategy as a successor to "Strategy 2023, Enable Effective Banking", which expired at the turn of the year.

The strategy will be entitled "Strategy 2025, Execute Effective Banking" with a focus on harvesting the fruits of previous years' efforts to enable "effective banking" for the benefit of banks and end users.

The strategy period will apply for 2024 and 2025 and will focus on continued effective execution of value- and turnovercreating cross-Nordic solutions for the banks – solutions that build on the many technological level changes that SDC has implemented on key platforms such as Data Warehouse, Online- and Mobile Banking as well as various advisory tools.

Focus areas in Strategy 2025
The strategy contains four pillars to help ensure compliance with "Execute Effective Banking":

  • Solution coordinated harvesting
    How SDC becomes even better at, across the entire organization, securing the customer journey from A-Z
  • Execution professionalism
    Continued focus on both customer and employee satisfaction
  • Nordic growth
    Growth in the Norwegian market and strengthened system landscape based on cross-Nordic solutions
  • Operational priority
    Continued focus on operational operations, which is a very important foundation for SDC's business and deliveries

Reorganization to support the execution of Strategy 2025
As part of driving and developing SDC in a direction that makes a great workplace, delivers high value creation and stability to customers, and ensures a long-term favorable development of SDC, a reorganization has been made with effect from 1 January 2024.

CEO of SDC, Torben Finnemann, says:

"As always, we have a responsibility to ensure that SDC can maintain competitive advantages and development power as well as strengthen its market position. We have therefore made some adjustments to SDC on various parameters, including a reorganization in order to ensure increased professionalization and collaboration across SDC as well as achieve organizational synergies and simplifications.

The adjustments have all been made on the basis of careful consideration of how we can continue to secure the total delivery capacity, maintain the development power and the ability to continue to deliver our services to customers at a competitive price going forward."

The organizational change consists of the following:

  • Establishment of a new Business Excellence Area
    An area that will focus on and support SDC's processes, project execution, professionalization and collaboration across SDC and the community with customers as well as the execution of Strategy 2025

    As of 1 January 2024, Kristina Søndberg has been appointed as the new Area Director for the Business Excellence area. She has a background from Coloplast, RSA, Novo Nordisk/NNIT and Microsoft and will join SDC's Directors Group as of 1 January 2024

  • Consolidation of three closely related development areas into one development area
    A new development area consolidates three existing areas, thereby freeing up coordination and competence synergies across SDC

Framework in place for execution of Strategy 2025
As today, the overriding goal is to continue to deliver attractive solutions at a competitive price to customers.

Torben Finnemann elaborates:

"We have an obligation to both our customers and employees to secure SDC as a business, organization and workplace. We firmly believe that with these changes, we have created the foundation needed for us – in close cooperation with the banks – to ensure SDC's continued progress, execute on Strategy 2025 and thus meet the expectations for Execute Effective Banking and, not least, the customers' expectations for competitive solutions."

SDC building