SDC welcomes new Norwegian customer

SDC has entered into a new strategic partnership in Norway and will provide core banking services to Fana Sparebank. This adds another co-owner to the SDC community. The agreement is an important step in the 2025 strategy for “Nordic Growth” and demonstrates SDC's competitiveness in the Norwegian market.  

SDC has just entered into an agreement with the Norwegian bank Fana Sparebank about core banking services. This means that yet another Norwegian savings bank will be part of the SDC community.  

"It is a great day for us at SDC, and we are incredibly pleased to welcome Fana Sparebank to SDC. This partnership is an important step that underlines the opportunities in the Norwegian market and shows that we are competitive and have a modern platform and solutions that are attractive across the entire Nordic region," says Torben Finnemann, CEO of SDC.  

SDC has expanded its efforts in the Norwegian market and has, as a part of this, recently opened an office in Bergen. And the new partnership fits perfectly with the company's new 2025 strategy, where one of the focus areas is to grow in the Nordic region – especially in the Norwegian market.  

Influence and modern core banking system 
According to CEO of Fana Sparebank, Lisbet K. Nærø, SDC has a business model that suits an independent savings bank of Fana Sparebank's size:
"SDC's community model harmonizes well with the savings bank structure. The choice of supplier supports our strategy as an independent player, and we will have an influence on the further development of the core banking solution. The modern platform will strengthen our position as an innovative bank that dares to go its own way. It is important for us to be able to offer our customers smart and flexible solutions," says Lisbet K. Nærø.  
The bank has gone through an efficient and very thorough process to close the deal.

"We have assessed the various options and decided that SDC is the strategically right partner for us. We have a common goal of delivering future-proof solutions to our customers, and we look forward to a good and exciting collaboration with SDC," 
concludes Lisbet K. Nærø.

According to Torben Finnemann, the agreement with Fana Sparebank is the first step to further growth in Norway.  

"Since we, last autumn, adopted the strategy to “Nordic Growth”, we have intensified our collaboration across the organization and have moved even closer together with a common goal of fulfilling our Norwegian growth ambitions. Today, we are very happy that the hard work has now paid off - but we will definitely not stop here. We will continue all of our dialogues with other interesting banks in Norway. Dialogues, that we have high expectations for," says Torben Finnemann.  

Experience will contribute to a successful merger 
With small and medium-sized banks as a target group, Fana Sparebank fits well into SDC's portfolio of banks. Together, Fana Sparebank and SDC will set a date for Fana Sparebank’s onboarding to SDC's platform. SDC has extensive expertise in this field through a number of onboardings of new customers and mergers after several years of consolidation at both Norwegian and Danish banks.

Fana Sparebank

  • Fana Sparebank is an independent savings bank headquartered in Bergen, Norway. In addition to Fana Sparebank, the group also consists of Fana Sparebank Eiendom and Fana Sparebank Boligkreditt   
  • The Group has approximately 135 employees and around 50,000 private and business customers  
  • Fana Sparebank has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainability and is an active participant in a number of initiatives and organizations within sustainability and ESG. Among other things, the bank is climate neutral and has signed the worldwide commitment Net-Zero Banking Alliance 2050    

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SDC og Fana Sparebank

Stig Valderhaug, (SDC), Torben Finnemann (SDC) , Lisbet K. Nærø (Fana Sparebank) and Inge Ådland (Fana Sparebank) / Photo: Mette Sommer