And the awards goes to...

In 2022, the awards rained down on NEoS – our future-proof online and mobile banking platform

"New E-bank and Sales Platform" - colloquially called NEoS - is SDC's platform for online and mobile banking, which provides banks and millions of end customers with a modern and flexible digital self-service solution.

In 2022, it was almost getting a little tight on the mantelpiece at SDC. There, NEoS received awards on no less than two different occasions – Sitecore Go Live and the Danish Digital Awards.

Sitecore Go Live

In May, it was the Sitecore Go Live award that was presented at the Sitecore Symposium 2022 in Copenhagen. We won the award because of the NEoS platform's ability to help the SDC financial institutions meet the customers' needs for digital self-service solutions with a cost-effective and future-proof e-banking platform.

Two awards at the Danish Digital Awards

Just one month later, in June 2022, the Danish Digital Awards were held in Copenhagen – an annual award ceremony which aims to reward and highlight the most inspiring, effective and well-executed digital work in Danish companies and organisations.

Each year gold, silver and bronze are awarded in a number of different categories. NEoS was nominated in two categories, and in a strong field of nominees it was awarded in both of them: Gold in the category "Digital Transformation" (also known as the "King category") and silver in the category "System Platforms and Architecture".

The jury's motivation for awarding the gold to NEoS in "Digital Transformation" was as follows:

Completely local banking experiences with an international format

Here is digital transformation for an entire industry with local adaptations. SDC provides empowerment and strengthened competitiveness in a heavily regulated industry, both for the benefit of the customers and the small and medium-sized banks that can take on the big banks – David and Goliath, and we like that.

The focus is the good banking experience

Sille Stener is Area Director in Digital Channels at SDC, where the NEoS project is based. She adds a few words to the great awards:

"We are all incredibly proud of the awards - both because they show that others also recognize the potential that lies in the platform and the value it can create for our customers and their end users, but also because of the enormous effort the entire NEoS the team and many others at SDC put in the work ... every single day!

Without that effort, we would not be able to offer our customers the unique solution that the NEoS platform is - and thus ensure the "good banking experience", where we equip our banks for the banking world of the future


What do the customers say?

Kristian Gren is Director of Marketing and Business Development at Middelfart Sparekasse. He tells the following about their experience with the platform:

"With NEoS, we can offer a wide range of digital solutions for both business and private customers, those who are on the move and those who want to manage their daily economy at home or from the office.

We see in our ratings that customers have welcomed the new Mobile Bank. All change is difficult, but our high score shows that our customers are fundamentally happy with the solution and have embraced its intuitive platform and new features."

Kristian Gren
Director of Marketing and Business Development, Middelfart Sparekasse

NEoS in short

The aim of NEoS has been to offer a new digital e-banking platform with a flexible architecture with the option of integrating self-developed components and solutions in the individual bank. These individual development opportunities, including own styling and personalised customer messages, gives each bank a unique opportunity to create their own strong branding platform – and thus ensure even better and more targeted customer experiences. The modern design, intuitive menus and shortcuts to the most important functions give the bank's customers a logical and user-friendly experience when using their online and mobile banking. An experience that is absolutely essential to be able to live up to the fact that the digital universe has become the primary interface between financial institution and customer.